Stag Group Inc. Shares: “Did You Know You Can Create Miracles?”

Stag Group Inc. Shares: “Did You Know You Can Create Miracles?”

“Many of us fail to realize the amount of potential and strive within us. It is only when we put our mindset and mentality towards understanding there are greater things and adventures in store for us that we realize we have miracles inside us,” says Kirsty Pennal managing director of Stag Group Inc. We recently came across an article in Success magazine that intrigued us regarding this topic of creating miracles. “Did You Know You Can Create Miracles?” by Steve Rizzo talks about the importance that mindset has on our actions and abilities. Just by shifting how we think, we can develop impossible scenarios to become possible.

Rizzo writes, “You can create miracles. In fact, our main purpose on this planet is to create miracles. Keep in mind that sometimes a miracle is nothing more than a shift in perception. It’s looking at something where at one point seems absolutely impossible to achieve, then with a shift in the way that you’re thinking, that impossibility suddenly becomes very possible. […] All miracles start with a single thought… and idea. Stay with me here and allow me to make my point. […] Each and every one of us has the power to shift our way of thinking to transform our lives from failure to success, from unhappiness to fulfillment and from lack to abundance. You didn’t think you were that powerful, did you? Well, you are! We all are! It’s just that most of us don’t know it. People are more in control of their lives than they think.”

“The way Rizzo talks about shifting our mindset to see that we have the power to attain anything really inspires us. We encourage our agents and individuals to give this tactic a try by practicing a more positive mentality and mindset,” says Kirsty Pennal of Stag Group Inc. By shaping our mindset a little bit every day, we can get near our potential and only then can we realize that how we think affects our actions. We strive to pursue this practice every day because we know our worth and capability. There is definitely magic inside us, and it will begin when we change our mindset to a winning mentality.