Stag Group Inc. is in NYC

Stag Group Inc. is in NYC

Stag Group is so excited to be opening up in New York City, the big apple! New York is known being the center of the hustle and bustle. Most of us know that if you can make it in NYC, you can make it anywhere. Our goal as a firm is to become the most excellent firm we can. We want to be able to reach inspirable lengths of greatness. “It’s quite exciting being able to open an office in New York. It’s known for its business and success influenced environment, and because of that, we have a strong platform to help us thrive, as well as prosper. Our goal as a firm is to make sure our client’s needs are met and that we are delivering the best possible strategies and results marketing has to offer,” says Kirsty Pennal, CEO of Stag Group Inc.

According to Infin8.com, “First and foremost, small businesses are the backbone of New York. They are essential and necessary for the economy and the employment of its people.” We as a business know that we will have many spots to fill at our firm. We’re excited to be reaching into New York’s talent base and see what they have to offer. Our company believes in hard work, without it, nothing is ever handed to you. Statistics show that the number of small business make up 99% of NYC in the state, based on this we know that we have what it takes to stand out. Fear is not something we carry within us. Instead, we tackle it or learn from it.

Anyone can make it and become great, it is a matter of priorities and setting up what you need to do rather than thinking everything will happen for you. Our firm in New York is a big step for us. But we believe that it has the most significant potential because our clients are already talking about us. Word of mouth and reputation is the most significant thing, at Stag Group Inc, we are already becoming known for our reputable stance in this industry. “We are so immensely excited to see what the future has in store for us, and we’re excited to meet those that will be working with us in NYC,” says Kirsty Pennal of Stag Group Inc.








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