Stag Group Advise: Why Confidence?

Stag Group Advise: Why Confidence?

Confidence is one of those qualities that we genuinely look up to at Stag Group. Our idea of success derives from the fact that an individual can be confident, headstrong, and able to do what it takes to attain their goals. Whatever your goals are, as long as you have a plan in mind, an outline and a general idea of what you want — you will accomplish what you seek. Being an individual that makes sure they thrive on believing in their abilities and themselves is a big deal. “At Stag Group, confidence is why we are who we are. We are steadfast in our beliefs and skills. We make sure that self-belief powers everything we do,

“As a business owner and leader, it is important to have self-belief and self-confidence. Without this quality in yourself, you will not make it to the extent you want professionally and personally,” says Kirsty Pennal, managing director of Stag Group. Not only does the quality of confidence, help us excel in our growth plans and goals, but it helps us as individuals. It is a trait that becomes essential to how we do in the world. A belief in yourself helps you see your potential even if no one else does. You may be seen as crazy for the ideas that you have for yourself, and the extent to which you are pushing yourself but it is proven that confidence takes individuals a long way.

A study that was done found correlations between success professionally and confidence levels. According to this study, students during their education time that performed better exemplified high levels of confidence in the workplace as adults. “The trick behind all this is to truly believe in your ideas, your creativity and let the magic happen as you reach your potential,” says Kirsty Pennal, managing director of Stag Group.