Recruitment Process

What to expect
When you arrive you will be greeted by Angie who is our front of house administrator, let Angie know you have arrived for a meet and greet with our team and she will hand you our ‘get to know you’ information form.


Once you have filled out the form hand it back to Angie and she will inform us you have arrived. In the mean time enjoy the atmosphere and feel free to help yourself to any of our industry magazines.


Expect the lobby to be full as we are interviewing for a variety of different clients and positions at the moment with our current expansion plans. So be prepared for the competition!


If you haven’t done so already by this point, I would use this time to follow our Stag Group Inc page on Instagram and Facebook or even Linkedin!


First Interview
This will be with our specialised hiring managers, don’t worry we won’t be testing you on what you have memorised about the company. It’s more of a chance for us to get to know you better and to see where you would like to head with your career and what you would like to achieve. Once we have prescreened the potential candidates for the available positions we will select out who we feel most suitable for our current positions and call everyone back with feedback. So you will know by the end of the day if you have made it through to round two!

Second Interview
This is where the fun begins! You will be invited in to see what ‘A day in the life of your new career’ will be like. We will explain to you the clients we work with, how we are able to match you successfully to achieve complete satisfaction from both parties. This is a great opportunity for you to meet our team of highly trained corporate trainers and assistant managers and they will introduce you to the options available with the variety of companies we work alongside. They are trained to answer any questions you may come across regarding the company growth plans and where the career path can take you. Be well prepared to write down a lot of information and to ask loads of questions!

The second round comes down to the quality and quantity of the questions you ask, your work ethic and positive attitude. At the end of the day the world of job searching is full of challenge’s so keeping a great attitude is key in such a fast paced world. We have a wide variety of careers available – so be prepared to think outside of the box!

Third interview
You made it to the final stage! You must have really impressed the corporate trainer and the potential employer you were working with to make it this far! This is where we make the final decision based on how you found your day, the details filled out on your final questionnaire and the CEO’s opinion throughout the time spent with the chosen company. If you make it this far we will explain the next steps in person!

Think you have got what it takes? See our opportunities page for current positions.