‘You don’t have to be great to get started, but you have to get started to be great.’

Brand Manager Trainee
We have a fast paced and unique training programme by which we cross train individuals over a 6-8 month time frame to become a manager of one of our Fortune 500 campaigns. This involves shadowing and learning of various team members to build up skill levels to a point where an individual can direct a campaign of their choice. Many growth and expansion opportunities available for career focused and determined individuals.

Brand Ambassador 
Being the face of one of our Fortune 500 clients it will be your responsibility to create new customer acquisitions and maintain accounts with clientele. Through targeting specific audience to raise the value of our clients we offer customers a unique approach with face to face value bringing back the human element into marketing. 

Recruitment Administrator
Whilst we spearhead a variety of different campaigns for our clients and expand into new markets; we need people wanting to work as part of our HR team in a fast paced recruitment environment. These roles involve communicating with candidates on the job market on a daily basis. Telephone and recruitment experience is required.

Stag Intern
We offer a very unique internship programme for students looking to diversify and expand their resume with a variety of skills. Every intern is unique to each candidate and we look at bringing on board a handful of individuals each quarter to develop in a variety of areas within the sales and marketing sector.