Which clients do you work with?
  • We sign a NDA with all of our clients , meaning we don’t advertise them on our website. However in the past we have worked alongside clients as diverse as the sporting industry, telecoms, financial, cosmetics, food, entertainment, energy and non profit.
Why experiential?
  • By taking your brand straight to your customer we can offer a unique face to face experience to enhance your brands value. By doing this, it enhances the way people think of your company.
How long do campaigns last?
  • Totally depends on the campaign. We can conduct test phase campaigns for potential new clients which will last for a quarter of a year. Other clients we have worked alongside for years.
Do you do any graphic design for your clients?
  • We don’t specialise in graphic design for the clients we work alongside. But we do educate about the importance of online presence and branding for different companies. We can also build around existing marketing to enhance the customer experience.
How do we acquire our customers at Stag Group Inc?
  • As we put the human element back into marketing we go to the customer, they don’t have to come to us. Which is the great part about face to face marketing! We make sure we keep our existing customers happy and satisfy their requirements. We also find new customers to generate revenue for our clients which in turn allows us to grow!
Is there progression within the company positions?
  • Yes! Right now we are on a mission to expand into 50 new locations within 24 months! The career progression is a clear path; and is great for determined and ambitious individuals who love working in a fast paced, competitive environment.
Why Stag Group Inc?
  • We are not here to compete in the sales and marketing industry, we are here to dominate! We take so much pride in the work we do and put a lot of attention into the little details to develop ourselves as a company, for our clients who are eager to expand, and also every individual team member looking to grow.
What is the work environment like at Stag Group Inc?
  • We work in a fun, fast paced team environment. We have a great dynamic team of individuals who are all ambitious, creative and determined to be market leaders as we stride forwards to attack our goals.
What are the hours and compensation?
  • We are open Monday through to Saturday, but the hours are depending on the candidate which is why the pay varies per individual. This covered on the first and second round interviews depending on individual situations.
What are you being interviewed for?
  • If you are on the manic job hunt and have applied to loads of jobs and cannot remember the role you applied for, no worries at all, contact Sara or Rachel at our HR team and they will be more than happy to help you out. Or take a look on our opportunities page on our website.